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Campark ACT74 Action Cam 4k ultra HD camera WIFI

Campark ACT74 Action Cam 4k ultra HD camera WIFI

This Campark 4k ultra hd camera wifi does a great job for the price. The user manual is simplistic, but by fiddling with the buttons for a bit, I was able to figure it all out. If you are looking for an alternative to the normal, high price action cameras, this should be your choice. The quality of the video is great and the screen has beautiful color and picture quality for only being 2″. I look forward to using all of the included attachments. The carrying case is perfect for holding all of the included attachments because there are cutouts for basically all of them. If there isn’t a cut out, there is a pretty generous storage pouch in the top flap.

This bundle is a must have if you are looking for this type of camera but don’t want to spend a lot of money. The Campark ACT74 seems to be perfect for this use. Usability is rather easy to understand and it linked up with any smartphone right away. The quality of live stream is quite low, but watching saved content is good. One part which could be improved on is the instruction booklet, the translation to English is poor to say the least.

At just $50, it is a HUGE savings from other name brand, more expensive video cameras on the market. I have tested both the Campark and the GoPro video cameras and the better picture and sound amazingly comes from the much cheaper Campark. You can literally buy FOUR of the Campark cameras for less then the price of a GoPro. The accessories that are packaged with the camera are not extensive, but they are enough to get you started. Great product and great picture. If you are the owner of this camera and are complaining about the image quality then you are probably not using a class U3 micro sd card for HD and 4K. This is a comment from a buyer about the 4k ultra HD camera wifi

The package come with everything it needs and more so good quality for the price the 4k hd video is so amazingly good I couldn’t belive it im so glad i decided to buy this instead of a hero one for so much more

If your card can’t take the write speeds, you cant blame on the equipment. In conclusion, I would have to say that if you are thinking about getting an action camera, this is your best bet. You really don’t have to look around for a better $50 action cam. This 4k ultra HD camera wifi camera has everything that you can expect in a much more expensive action cam, such as a GoPro Hero 3+, but for a steal of only $50. This could be the best gift for Birthdays and Christmas, along with recommending it to other people.

The Campark ACT74 camera is one of the best HD cameras on the market. All in all, this is a great little camera for the price. Anyone can use it primarily for sports videos. If you use it on a computer, it can sometimes be blurry, you have to download the file first and not stream it through the camera. Drag the video onto your desktop from the camera folder. We recommend it for people looking for an inexpensive and quality camera that will fit in your pocket.

Key Points To Know

1. Set up is pretty straightforward. Was up and running in minutes.
2. Tried both underwater shots and above water shots with the waterproof case. WOW! Great photos and videos. My iPhone is my normal go-to camera, but now I am going to be reaching for this guy anytime we are near water! I attached a few shots.
3. Love the accessories and the bag. Will be good for taking on trips.
4. Mobile App – downloaded the mobile App but had no luck connecting it to my camera. Was bummed that I couldn’t get that up and running, but will continue to try soon and will update my review. The App isn’t necessary. But it would have been nice if it worked as expected.

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Wow I can't believe this is under $50! The 4k quality has some flickering issue. But 1080P is so awesome. I plan to put this on my 2 year old son, so $50 is great. I would be so scared if it was a $400 GoPro. I highly recommend for something that is risky.

  • Cool High-Speed Functionality (It can go up to 90fps on 720p, which presents some cool smooth footage when played back at 1.5x Slower (60fps) or 3x Slower (30fps).
  • Actually lighter than you would expect. It is very light but does not feel cheap. It has a sturdy rigid black plastic body and the waterproof case is also very durable and clear.
  • A CRAP TON of stuff is included - Tons of different mounts, fittings, an extra battery, cables, microfiber cloth, an instruction booklet, among many other things are packed in a hard-shell carrying case that is surprisingly good quality.
  • The waterproof case is very tightly sealed, making me believe in the 100ft deep waterproof rating. A very clear lens on it and includes waterproof exterior buttons to let you control the camera even while underwater, in the air, or pretty much anywhere.
  • The Slowmo MAY actually record at 120fps because the playback is at 30fps, but the recordings are 4x as long as how long you held down the button, meaning instead of 720p90fps, it is actually recording at 720p120fps.
  • Great Picture and Video Quality. Up to a crisp 16M-4608x3456 and 4k30fps. Wide angle lens is a spacious 170°
  • The lens is small enough that getting close enough to some objects will warp the image slightly, though I would not really consider this much of a con, as all action cams do this.
  • When you get the camera and its case, you may think that to open the case, you hold down the sliding tab and pull up from the back side of the black bar (the long part which is on the back of the waterproof case), but to open it you slide the tab and lift from the same side (lift on the same side as the front lens) This actually helps with the waterproofing so it is not a con.
  • The app doesn't really work for me (at the moment) Every time I open up the app which it says to get, it crashes on me. I have an Iphone 4 (IOS 7.1.2) And the minimum iOS required is 7.1. This might be fixed but for me, the app currently is not working.
  • Mode switching in order: Video (HD), Picture, Slow motion (Not HD), picture viewer, options/settings. Just letting you know so you don't have to switch settings every time you want to record 4k or slow motion.
  • Waterproof case comes with an interchangeable back panel which allows sound in. Do not use this one in water or else you are screwed. The one without holes is for the water, not this one included with the camera, but not attached at first. I saw reviews saying that the sound was bad because they could not hear, but clearly they did not use the back panel which lets sound in.
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