Battery Charger EBL 8 Bay Rechargeable

Battery Charger EBL 8 Bay Rechargeable

Need a battery charger? Many of us have and still use batteries. Recently the use of battery has been reduced worldwide but the number of used batteries is still high. The number of wasted batteries is very high regardless the demand in the market. Worldwide tons of batteries are thrown away causing environmental un-repairable damage. Many companies in years have tried to help this by making battery rechargeables which in overall help our living environment and more important to save our money.


Using the technology of battery charger is important for many reasons so having one battery recharger is a must. The battery market overall is seeing great demand so many companies are making and improving this technology. Our scope is to bring to your attention only (more to come in the future for the comparable reason) the best Battery Rechargeable. EBL has many battery rechargeable models out there but this one has caught our eye and many users have been more than happy with its use. Here is what a user had to comment about this product.

We use so many batteries in our house and office it’s silly and having to have different charges for different ones used to be such a pain, which is why this is such a great buy! I swear one day I teared up thinking of my grandma who had passed away. It has saved me so much money in batteries I can’t even count.

Especially because in our house we only use remote controlled wax candles which are huge battery hogs! But with this who cares! We can just keep charging them with no additional cost and because we need to charge a lot at a time this is so perfect for us! It’s seriously one of my favorite functional items in our house. I wish they had one for C and D batteries too because I would buy it in a heartbeat and have recommended to all my friends!

Electronic circuitry

Electronic circuitry for battery chargers is somewhat simple in this modern age, nearly fifty years after landing a man on the moon. Compared to that major feat we can say that battery charger design is still wallowing around in the ice age. No doubt being tarnished by the recent incidents of exploding phone batteries. Some design changes were likely prompted to help detect potential problems before they can occur. It wasn’t very long ago that universal type battery chargers had little more than an automatic shutdown after eight hours of charging to offer the consumer.

Would that fully charge the battery?

What if an already fully charged battery was inserted into a charge? Nobody gave it any thought until strange things began happening. I’m glad to see there is more attention being paid to provide circuitry that can detect flaws in the battery and will prevent overcharging an otherwise fully charged battery. The year is 2017. Congratulations!

So don’t stop there. How long before chargers include a visual gauge for keeping tabs on the existing charge in each inserted battery? That can all be performed using a multimeter, but I have a knack for misplacing mine whenever it is needed. Otherwise, this EBL is performing reliably on AA and AAA rechargeable batteries. It uses circuitry that splits into 4 dual battery channels and charges up to eight batteries at one time. Fully depleted batteries are charged completely within two hours. This is about as simple as it can possibly get, so with the claim of several built-in safeties that we can only trust are doing their job, there is really no way of confirming anything unless each battery is pulled and checked using a multi-meter. Doubtful anyone would go thru that much trouble regardless of the legitimacy of doing so.

About EBL battery rechargeable 

This EBL 808 charger can charge 2/4/6/8 AA/AAA Ni-MH/Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries.
Controlled by MCU, automatically stop charging when detecting improper input voltage, defective or short circuit or non-rechargeable batteries.
Using -∆V intellectual cut-off charging method, automatically turn to trickle charge, prevent the batteries from over-voltage, over-current or over-heat.
AC 100-240V 50/60Hz input, 2.8V DC output shorten the time of charging (most similar chargers are 2.4V).
Constant current charging would protect the batteries against current fluctuation and keep using the charger safely.

9.5 Total Score
Best Comment

Replaces two of my older chargers which held only four cells total. Totally appreciate the LED lights which indicate current battery status. Used to charge Tenergy, Rayovac, Energizer & Sanyo Eneloops which great success. Definitely, the one to buy.

  • Automatically stops charging when batteries are fully charged.
  • Charges different pairs of batteries at different times.
  • Batteries are charged only in pairs
  • May not be able to return it back. Check with seller before you buy.
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