5 Best Food Steamer 2019 On Your Budgets

Best Food Steamer 2019

Welcome to this detailed review about the 5 best food steamer 2019. How effective are food steamers for our kitchens, are they useful? Well, steam cooking is a method of cooking with humid heat that cooks the food surrounding it with hot steam in a closed environment. It is a particularly healthy and effective cooking technique because foods like vegetables keep their nutrients, unlike when they are boiled in water, and the nutrients can leach. Cooking with steam tends to be a healthier alternative than cooking or frying oil or fat. The natural textures, colors, and flavors of the food are kept, as well as more nutrients and vitamins. It is also faster, significantly reducing cooking times, particularly when preparing large quantities. Also, no fats or oils are needed for this cooking method. So let us talk about the advantages of steaming vegetables. Later we’ll look into the best 5 best food steamers 2019 starting from the affordable up to the expensive ones.


Benefits of eating steamed vegetables

Steamed vegetables are excellent for storing nutrients which is good for your health. Generally, vegetables contain only water-soluble nutrients and other fat-soluble nutrients such as vitamin B12, zinc, etc. Vegetables are mostly a source of carbohydrates with very little fat or protein content. Our body needs at least 20% of total calorie from fatty acids for the basic hormone/ brain/body function. Also, our body needs about 10g of protein per pound of body weight to help build and maintain lean tissues especially when you are in a low-calorie diet. Another thing to keep in mind is that vegetables are very low in calories and you have to take a sufficient amount of energy not to stress the thyroid and cortisol which can cause serious health problems and not to mention the weight plateau and of the metabolism slowed by this diet.


Food steamers vs. boiling

Now we know the great benefits that the vegetables offer us. But how to cook them in the best way and not lose the nutrient mentioned above values? Well, using food steamers is considered the best way possible of preparing vegetable without losing nutrients. The boiling process is also regarded as healthy. But as you boil vegetables, you could lose most of the nutrients in the water. Vegetables are indispensable in any diet that is worth following. By using the best food steamers 2019 as a way to lose weight is not enough. By eating a variety of healthy food, you can meet the body’s needs for better health and weight loss.


How do food steamers help to lose weight?

When using food steamers remember that you are helping your body to lose weight not the opposite. To lose weight, it is actually effortless. You just need to eat a little less in calories and not in volume and move a bit more to lose that extra weight. It is in your best interest to focus on healthy eating apart from using food steamers as a mean to lose weight. Become more active in your daily life and eating an increasingly balanced diet. You will see weight loss without even trying too hard. Steamed vegetables will be great for your body. Remember to respect the required your body need for protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Just because it’s a diet does not mean you can eat everything. You can use a food steamer for your diet, but make sure to balance it with the other food groups.

Best Food Steamer 2019


Yet a simple and affordable for any type of budges. This is excellent equipment to include in your kitchen for under $10. This steamer basket fits into most pots available in the market. It’s a unique way to cook vegetables without losing their nutritional value. Topoko fits in Instant Pot Pressure Cooker of 5/6 QT and 8 QT when you need to prepare your veggies or fish. The Topoko is made of premium stainless steel which is rust free. This will determine in long-lasting of the item. Also, Topoko is perfect for use with a pressure cooker or pots with 8” in diameter and up. Its actual handle ring for fork helps in keeping hands away from steam. But be aware. The Topoko food steamers are a bit difficult to extract when the pot is hot. By using kitchen tongs could be useful to avoid getting hurt. Topoko food steamers also have a significant advantage in the kitchen. These food steamers are effortless to clean, and also is safe to place in dishwashers.

Best Food Steamer 2019


The need to cook even meat or fish seems to question our thoughts. Are there any food steamers able to cook meat or fish, rise and more? For under $40 this the AICOK food steamers are what everyone needs. These food steamers are fast, and you can cook a large quantity of food in one go. With a powerful 800W steam design, this great kitchen too cooks fast and evenly. It has up to 9.5 quart capacity for veggies, fish, egg or rice, you can prepare as many foods as you want. Thanks to its high chemical resistance the baskets can withstand temperatures up to 284°F. As we know food cooks faster in the bottom bowl. We recommend to always place food with longer steaming times on first, closer to the base. Another option for preparing different types of food is to put one bowl onto the bottom and steam first. Later place the second bowl filled with food that has shorter steaming times. Another great feature this steamer has the timer with auto shut off. It is set by the timer, and it goes up to 60 minutes to cook. Also when the timer goes to 0, or there is no more water in the base reservoir. You’ll hear bell will sound, and the steamer will switch off automatically.

Best Food Steamer 2019


This powerful steam system with 5L dishwasher-safe glass pot is great if you have no time to sort the food into different levels or if you don’t have a problem with mixed flavors. You can steam anything by placing everything together (if you prefer) from vegetables mixed with any seafood or meat. The aroma that comes out (once cooked) is fantastic. The Cuisinart model of food steamers has an LCD control panel. This can help to start, stop, pause & reheat by pressing the buttons at any time. Also, this model has 5 pre-programmed food settings like seafood, poultry, grains, vegetables, and manual. Usually, steamed food doesn’t take up to one hour, but just in case this model of food steamer has up to 60-minute countdown timer. Cuisinart has stainless steel steaming tray, glass lid with stainless steel rim & glass lid with stainless steel rim. Not to forget that the stainless grating is easy to clean.

Best Food Steamer 2019


These Euro Cuisine food steamers are slightly different than the previous three models above. No different in steaming but more in its stainless built. The amazing Euro Cuisine can cook two-three boneless breasts of chicken including some veggies in a maximum of 30 minutes. Though the drip tray should have been deep enough for the size. If you put more than two-three chicken breasts (depending on the size) or anything that lets out fat or any juices it will spill in the water reservoir. Not a gib deal but it can make it difficult to clean it as the reservoir is part of the steamer. These food steamers are fantastic. Few good points to mention about this steamers. It’s easy to use and is all stainless steel cookware. There are no plastics in contact with food. It has an auto shut off for low to no water notice. Once the food is cooked, it can stay warm for some time. The above the heating element basin isn’t removable. This forces you to bring that portion of the unit to fill up with water under the sink.

Best Food Steamer 2019

5 – T-FAL VC1338

Ok, so far we looked at four food steamers at a somewhat decent price starting from under $10 up to $120. Though the T-Fal food steamers model VC1338 is more expensive on the list. We shall not focus our review on this food steamer based on its price but on its practical and easy to use design. This T-Fal is small but holds enough fish or chicken and veg for one or two people. The two tiers could keep the main entree for four people. This T-Fal has a 4 quart capacity with two tiers. Sounds large, but it actually isn’t because you leave some head-space for the steam. Each tier holds 8 cups, but in actuality, you are cooking on the bottom, and that isn’t so large. This T-Fal has a convenient digital control and a countdown timer. The water holder is transparent too. The plastic is also easier to handle and it doesn’t get as hot as a metal pot would. The plastic, according to the manufacturer, is BPA-free so suitable for food preparation. Another good thing about this is that you can cook with one tier or two. You can steam rice in it, but you have to reheat first. Be aware because when you’re about to check on your food while steaming. When the steam from the lid comes out it can burn you. The knob to lift the top is relatively near to the steam vents. The best is to put on a silicone mitt or risk a nasty burn. One thing about the instructions. There is a table of times for various meats, fish and vegetables, but the times are very, very long.

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