Bruno MARC BERGEN-01 Men’s Formal Classic Lace Up Leather Lined Perforated Design Tall Ankle Oxford Boots BROWN

Bruno MARC BERGEN-01 Men’s Formal Classic Oxford Boots

Bruno Marc shoes…

are some of the nicest most awesome boots anyone can come across. The zipper on the side if sturdy and easy to move.  This Bruno Marc shoes fit is just right , for someone who likes to walk everywhere and wants to put the best foot forward when doing so. Though to get some nice compliments and to look good is recommended to wear some jeans. At this affordable cost these are worth the purchase for any man wardrobe.

Are they worth buying?

For the price, these shoes are definitely worth the buy. However, they’re a bit still at the top, which can be really uncomfortable walking around sometimes. They do feel somewhat tight at first. Removed the laces and re-lace the shoe. This will help to remove the tightness and will feel more comfortable. Lastly if your rough with zippers keep in mind these shoes have a side zip so try to gently zip all the time otherwise you may damage the shoes.

Heads up, as these shoes aren’t sold in any brick and mortar shops, so if you like these shoes don’t look else where. The quality is also great but there have been few complaints as they wear out after a period time of use. We don’t think that many shoes out there last forever and these model want either. If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that expect to last too long than usual then is better to increase your budget.

Run true to size

Few have commented going 1 size up or down. Don’t over estimate shoe size they’re sized for what you expect at a US shoe store meaning that if you usually by 11 get the 11 size don’t oversize your fit. The size varies from brand to brand. Those who buy more often shoes online are more familiar with the shoes sizes and brand selling them. For the newbies we advice to contact seller if they are unsure of the size.

…comment from a buyer.

I’m size 8.5 but had to order the 9 coz it felt too tight by the ankle bone. Length is fine but the maker should have made it a bit loose/wide inside. Considering I’m a thin guy with thin feet.

Why 8 out of 10?

We have decided to rate these beautiful pair of shoes 8 out of 10 for two main reasons.

  1. They smell more than normally other shoes do, but that shouldn’t change your mind from buying them as almost all the shoes do smell. We have recommended to keep these shoes out more than 48 hrs as we have found out the smell is rather stronger compared to other models. Most of the shoe models are quite smelly nowadays and this is normal in most cases. Place a few tea bags inside as will help to remove the smell faster.
  2. Bruno Marc shoes are well made but we don’t expect these shoes to last forever. The material is synthetic so don’t expect they will last forever, specially if you use them everyday. We can’t say how long, but few buyers have reported that these shoes are expected to last at least a few months to a year, which is not bad when looking at the price tag. The judgement is yours to make. Pay more to last longer or pay little less and have the option to change them for a newer pair. Some buyer have mentioned that it is better to pay less and buy a new pair of shoes when the time comes.

…comment from a buyer.

The only unknown is how long will they last. But anybody buying these should already assume that going in. They are comfortable which was a surprise as sometimes expensive brands feel like your walking on wood. The only drawback after two days in these is they have a heavy chemical smell. Out the box was like wow, now I barely smell them while sitting at my desk. Must be either the glue or leather chemicals used. With that said I recommend these actually got a couple of complements on your feet they look like $200 boots.


8 Total Score
Best Comment

Nice shoes, nice price. Bought my exact size, fits with a little extra space, better than being a little tight. Was stiff for first two times I wore them but real comfortable now that they are broken. These shoes have a nice dressy look. People tell me they look nice on me. They go great with my dress suits.

  • Run true to size. Few have commented going 1 size up or down.
  • The style works perfectly for jeans or with a suit.
  • Can be worn with jeans or a suit.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes.
  • Can be smelly for a while. Recommended to be left out of the box for more than 48 hrs.
  • Sole quality is low, wears away quickly as we have mentioned in the review below.
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