Dalstrong Chef Knife Shogun Series Review

The Dalstrong Chef Knife

So, to start with, Dalstrong chef knife is one of the best when it comes to quality and price. The presentation is the key, and this is what Dalstrong has done. The Dalstrong chef knife is sharper than most kitchen knives out there. It’s important to mention that Dalstrong has put a lot of efforts to produce such an excellent kitchen tool. You can cut anything from tomato to bell peppers just by placing the knife on top. This knife will cut through just as easy as it slips through almost everything.


Is the Dalstrong chef knife for everyone?

As for your awareness, all knives differ from one another based on the size of the hand and the people who use it. So basically two people working together in the same kitchen may not feel comfortable with the same set of knives. Therefore many professional chefs and beginners in that industry tend to have their own set of knives. This particular Dalstrong chef knife is perfect when held starting from its weight, grip, rivets, material handle, everything. The makers have tried to make it fit for almost everyone.


Presentation counts

The overall appearance of the knife is beautiful. It has a beautiful central rivet composed of 3 copper rings and a bunch of brass rings. Damascus is much less pronounced than the pictures lead me to believe, which is sad. The hammered appearance is fantastic. The lion head logo printed on the blade is also cool. Overall I would say that this Dalstrong chef knife is excellent in the price range. The handle is comfortable to hold, feels well balanced and goes through anything you go into the kitchen. It’s great to use when it comes to chopping and dicing vegetables. So you cut a ton of celery, carrots, cucumbers, etc. The ergonomic design of this handle and the high-quality blade are a pleasure to use. The knife keeps its edge exceptionally well. Just a few hits on the sharpening steel and you’re ready for more action.


Few Other Similar Models

If you’re looking for the serious chef knife then considering this Dalstrong chef knife. The knife titled like a Gyuto style knife, however, it does not behave like most Gyuto knives. Most Gyuto knives have a flat edge that makes a rocking movement virtually useless. A similar example of a Gyuto knife is also the Miyabi Birchwood SG2.
Moreover, the Shun Gyuto is another excellent reference point. No many negative aspects to mention the Dalstrong chef knife. The curvature of the blade is for greater functionality when it comes to chopping. And there are some Gyuto knives with the same design like this in fairness to Dalstrong. This knife feels and behaves like a traditional western knife. It’s heavy, strong and ready to go through anything with little finesse. (more comparisons)


Price VS Quality

The tricky part is to find anything similar for under $ 250 that could compete with this knife. And if you’re starting your knives collection or just getting fed up with your department store knives, this is an excellent choice. The hammered finish, the logos engraved on the blade and the kick of the knife and the copper design on the central rivet of the handle are purely beautiful. All these pros have a piece tag of $100+ which is more than they can afford. This knife would go for $200 + in a retail store. Thankfully Dalstrong only sells via Amazon, so it’s like we’re getting these knives direct from the manufacturer. As far as performance goes, these are on par with any other high-end knives out there. The price of this knife is lower than knives in the same quality playground, although it could change as the demand continues to grow.


Features and benefits

Bottom height is handy for someone with bigger hands. You will not have to worry that your knuckles will scrape the board for someone with smaller hands where knuckle removal does not seem to be a problem. The height of the knife is still handy. The high end is perfect for digging diced vegetables out of the rim, eliminating the need for additional blades like a Santoku or Nakiri. Handy knife to have without having so to use so many knives to prep a meal. The chef knife should be universal. The constant and regular radius of the profile makes cuts, slicing and swinging very easy to make. I can be quite uneven with each one cutting styles.


Beauty and performance

The spine is exceptionally well polished, and you will not have to worry about sanding the sides as you are dealing with some of the best Japanese knives. The neck curve is also exceptionally well polished, which is incredibly important as your finger rests on it every time you use or sharpen the knife. The way it tilts from the handle to the blade promotes a proper grip, and the smooth finish makes the grip extremely comfortable. The handle has a bit of a serious edge. It’s not a small handle, but it’s not too big either. The handle is smooth, so you can not hear the rivets or the transition to the support that is nice. If you are used to expensive knives, you will ask yourself why you have wasted so much money with them. By far this would be the best investment made for your kitchen.


Rose petal pattern in Damascus steel with a hammered finish of this knife is complex, shiny and beautiful. Very comfortable fit in hand and with maneuvers around the cutting board. This knife can make chefs prep faster and easier. This knife will help in increasing your technique. Taking care of the knife will also allow you to get a lot more out of this knife. The Dalstrong chef knife is a hybrid between the European and Japanese style chef’s knife, and the way they handle this balance in function and aesthetics is very nice. There is also a lot of knuckle play, and the shape of the blade causes the edge to follow almost continuously from the curve along the knife, which is fantastic for cutting and sharpening.


One thing to be aware of about this knife is that it probably does not fit in all drawers due to how much the blade heel crosses the handle, so you will probably need to put this knife back in its sheath. I think this trade-off is worth it and the size to do things like food transfer.

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