Ellie Competition Heels Review

Ellie Competition Heels Review

Looking for a decent bikini heels? There are a few good brands which do sell these type of shoes. We decided to do a little review on Ellie Competition Heels. These Ellie Competition Heels are far cheaper than their competitors. Something to know before we get any further about quality and price. Let’s be real, most shoes nowadays are made in China. Based on some search we did recently we found out that they are almost the same as they are possibly made from the same factory. The one key detail that the Ellie Competition Heels have compare to some other brands is that they have tiny little holes in the front for ventilation so when you’re walking for hours on end practicing your posing, it doesn’t get all sweaty and musky, at least not as much.

The platform

The platform and heel height can really change and determine the way you walk in them. Sure, you could practice and change the flexibility of your foot but it’s just not natural and comfortable and usually if shoes aren’t comfortable from the start, they typically won’t be even after trying to break them in. With that being said, these shoes are actually quite comfortable.

On to the sizing

Once you start reading this review you may say “I am one of those individuals who is always in between sizes”. Annoying right? If you have a fairly wide foot than you may need a wide shoe all the time but definitely not narrow.

…comment from a buyer.

I took the plunge and purchased a 6 and it was perfect. Once you break them in a bit towards the end of your prep, it is said your feet also get skinnier so if you’re in between sizes, I’d opt for the half size DOWN. With a 5″ heel, the thicker platform makes it a lower heel in essence and it actually makes it easier to walk in these 5″ heels, go figure right?

First Impression

As soon as you receive these bikini heels you will notice that each shoe is covered in an individual dust cover bag for protection, and has paper stuffed in the toes to maintain shape. When you decide to put them on you will noticed the tight and narrow front (if you are going for normal sizes), which is normal for shoes which are made of vinyl. But after you wiggle into them the vinyl gives a bit. After about 10 minutes of wearing them you’ll noticed your baby toes feeling like the life was being sucked out of them. It’s vinyl… what can you expect! But here’s the tip no one seems to share… you can stretch out vinyl to actually being comfortable. Just grab your hairdryer and blow warm air on the tight strap for a few seconds until its soft and quickly place your foot in them. Keep them on for a minimum of 20 mins while standing in them.

Bikini competition.

These bikini heels are mainly bought and used for bikini competition. The most comfortable bikini heels are usually the ones with a balanced heel and gradual slope at foot angle. Clearly, this model does offer just that. So, if you need to wear these for competition and may be dehydrated, then your feet will likely do better in a smaller than usual size. You may also find the spray tan makes your feet more slippery. So you’ll want the toe area to not allow your foot through. Also, you should avoid the unsightly heel gap on stage. Therefore, it is better that your foot in this case be a bit longer than the shoes.

…comment from a buyer.

Great shoes for the price. The plastic stretches out nicely with a hairdryer. I’m a size 6.5-7 normally, I got a size 7. My feet are just wide so they are slightly smaller than I would prefer. Hence, these seem definitely made for thin feet. Won my first show in these 🙂

All in all

If you’re looking for a well priced competition heel that’s not going to break your bank (competing is expensive) We would recommend these if you have enough flexibility for walking in these. Otherwise, have a look at these Pleaser model

8.5 Total Score
Best Comment

Excellent competition shoes and totally get the job done. Everyone on my team wears these shoes. I will say I normally wear a size 8 and I had to buy a whole second pair and move down to a size 7 to be fully comfortable in the shoes. The hairdryer trick mentioned in other reviews works wonders, but I'd recommend going a size down to fully be comfortable and balanced for the stage.

  • Great buy, great price. It looks really good on.
  • Do not slip or cause blistering.
  • Padding in the sole is comfortable
  • They don't slip on the bottom.
  • They have a soft, cushy lining for the ball of your foot as well.
  • The plastic strap around your foot has little air holes for your sweaty feet.
  • Shoes may be uncomfortable or narrow at first but if you try them on for a while they will be just fine. The material is made of vinyl so slowly the will stretch and feel much better.
  • Generally they fit to size. Very few have commented that the the shoes run small.
  • The plastic part that covers your toes is better than a thin strap that digs into your feet.
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