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Issiki Japan Professional Chef Knife

Issiki Japan Professional Chef Knife

Anyone can go to any store and look for a normal kitchen knife and what they will see is that the prices start at around $40 and up. Now, what if you are presented with a professional chef knife which will cost you about $20 (be aware that this price goes up and down). If the answer is yes then you are among the thousands of buyers which own an Isshiki professional chef knife and are more than happy when used in their kitchen. Its lightweight makes it very easy to use without putting any real pressure on the knife when the user to cut different types of food. It is lightweight and balanced well.

It is a fairly nice looking knife though, with a classy handle and little branding on the blade itself. And while I don’t believe it to be full-tang the balance falls nicely right at the bolster/heel, which is great for a pinch grip. The transition to the blade is quite abrupt though, not so comfortable with holding right there. And while the blade feels really sharp, sharper than the current state of my Wusthof, it didn’t cut as easily through an apple for some reason.

Overall I do think Isshiki Japan Professional Chef Knife is a good budget equipment. Its description of “lightweight and well balanced” is accurate. In general, I don’t really recommend budget knives though and my personal preference is for a more hefty forged knife. If you’re looking for lightweight and can afford the extra $20 I think I’d go for recognized quality of the Wusthof (or the highly rated Victorinox), even if its handle isn’t quite as pretty. For the price though, this is a pretty good option.


  • THE BEST TOOL FOR MULTIPLE TASKS This 8-inch multi-purpose. Japanese style chef knife (known as a Gyutou in Japanese) is suitable for various tasks such as cutting meat, slicing salmon, and chopping vegetables.
  • HIGH-CARBON STAINLESS STEEL BLADE WITH PROLONGED SHARPNESS The blade is made of high-carbon stainless steel, which reinforces strength and has high rust resistance. The blade’s razor-sharp edge will allow you to cut your food effortlessly for a long time due to its excellent edge retention.
  • PAKKAWOOD HANDLE The handle is made of Pakkawood, a material that is durable and resistant to humidity so you will not have to worry about the handle cracking after multiple washes.
  • DESIGNED FOR YOUR COMFORT The broad blade has a slight curve, which allows the knife to rock back and forth. In addition, the shape of the handle provides stability and a firm grip whether it’s wet or dry.
  • EXCELLENT GIFT IDEA The premium packaging makes this knife a stunning gift for your friends and family…or even for yourself


Product description

At the heart of every kitchen is a knife
Your Isshiki Japan Professional Chef Knife is central to creating nearly every dish so why not own a knife that can do everything? Whether you’re chopping vegetables or cutting apart a whole chicken, this chef’s knife will fulfill your needs.

If you are looking for a kitchen knife with a razor sharp blade that can get the job done. This 8-inch multi-purpose Japanese style chef’s knife is for you. It will be your next best friend in the kitchen!


The Blade
-Amazingly sharp edge
-Made of high-carbon stainless steel
-High rust resistance
-Has a slight curve that allows both French and Chinese cutting techniques.
-Excellent edge retention

The Handle
-Made of Pakkawood
-Firm grip whether it’s wet or dry
-Lightweight and well balanced
-Ergonomic handle for high control and maneuverability

How to Maintain Your ISSIKI Knife
-Clean the knife after every usage
-Although the knife is dishwasher safe, hand-washing is highly recommended
-After washing, wipe off any excess water and store the knife in a dry and safe place

9.5 Total Score
Best Comment

What an awesome product! It was delivered on time and was packaged very safely. The knife is of higher quality than I had expected, especially considering the price. Its 8 inch stainless steel blade came wonderfully sharp. It cuts through cooked meat so smoothly! In addition to the blade, the handle is also perfect; it fits in my hand perfectly. The pakkawood and the D shaped handle feels very nice in my hand and because I’m able to grip it well it never slides out of my hand. To make the whole thing even better, the box the knife came in was very classy as well and made the whole product look great! I’m keeping the box so I can show it off with my knife to my friends. Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase and would definitely want to buy another one as a gift!

  • The lighter weight allows you to use it for longer periods
  • It is lightweight well balanced
  • Great product for the price
  • Suitable for a variety of tasks
  • Some users mentioned it is made in China, which is irrelevant when it comes to quality.
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