Playtex Women’s 18 Hours Ultimate Lift and Support Wire Free Bra

Playtex 18 Hours Ultimate Lift and Support Wire Free Bra

Looking for 18 hours ultimate lift wire free bra? It’s so difficult to buy a bra online because it is generally one of those clothes items you just need to try on to see if it is a good fit. Probably you have gone to Walmart or some other store and have tried several bra models and after many attempts you still looking for a decent fit. Well, look no further as this bra is the best you could come across for the price. You will truly love this type of bra. This 18 hours wire free bra model from Playtex have so far made thousands of women out there very happy. It your looking for a bra with support this is it. It does not make your breast look pointy. The material is a very easy to wash, the majority of the bra is made out of 81%nylon and 19% is spandex.

The bra gives you support without having wire in your bras. I don’t think anyone like wire bras nowadays so having to wear free wire bra feels better, all you have to do is to give them a try. The shoulder straps is a bit wider than my regular bras but are shiny nylon satin too. A very well made and beautiful brocade cup satin bra. It’s definitely worth every penny you pay for this bra. The straps of the back of the bra is not that thick. This bra is made so you don’t have boobs leaking out under you armpit. Sometimes other bras companies make that part not wide enough.


Straps also stay in place on my shoulder, and are super comfy. These straps are smoothly connected to the cup area, as opposed to being tacked on. This connection provides better support. There is enough coverage in the cleavage area so that you don’t “spill out” of the cups when bending or twisting. All in all this may be a problem with some other bra brands too.
Second, there is one thing that could be improved. The cup area has 2 rather thin layers of soft fabric. Although it is comfortable, this are expected to be more firmness. Some bras have a thicker fabric in the cup area, without being thickly padded.


Wonderful uplifting bra with a nice moire design fabric. The fabric is nice and actually feels like it’s going to last a decent amount of time and not start showing wear that quickly. We would definitely recommend to people who can’t afford ultra expensive bras all the time and is looking for something to get the job done with no-frills. To make this bra last longer is recommend to wash them by hand as many times as you can. This is also been recommended by many women out there.


There is absolutely no spillage under the arms and/or at the top of the cups. It stays in place with movement. This 18 hours Playtex bra cups are perfect, the material feels good on the skin and the bra fits well around the body.


8.5 Total Score
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Ok, so I have pendulous breasts that hang far apart and point down. I also have that "crease" under my armpits that kind of gives me a wrap around chest. Why am I telling you this, you may be asking? I am telling you this so if you suffer from long breasts that point toward the floor and kind of look like balloons ten years after the party has ended then this is for you. I love the look, the feel, and the perfect fit of this bra. It is a must buy. Note: get a professional (free) fitting at a bra/lingerie store.

  • Great uplift and support without underwire.
  • Comfortable bra and fits perfect.
  • True to size and fits great, it's well-made and soft.
  • The style is perfect, you get enough lift and shape with Playtex's great design.
  • Check the size before you buy as may not fit as expected. Some reviewers had mentioned difficulty in getting the back to reach far enough to clasp.
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